My Story

Malgorzata Czuro is singing at the Musicians Institute - Summer 2016I am currently working as a sound engineer in a music and audio post-production  Studio SPOT  in Warsaw, Poland.

At the end of 2020 I graduated from the Warsaw Film School with a Bachelor’s degree in Sound Design, Film, TV and Video Games (with the overall grade Very Good).

In 2017 I graduated from a specialty Music High School as a piano performance major, where I was bestowed the honor of performing in a concert with a symphonic orchestra. I additionally studied vocal performance/technique at the Performing Arts School in Poland. I have also had the pleasure of attending the Musicians Institute College in Hollywood, California where I strengthened my knowledge of vocal technique and performance on stage. I have also attended other music schools in Los Angeles, where I learned to play instruments like guitar and drums.





Working in a music and audio post-production  Studio SPOT, I deal with sound in feature films, series and animated films. My responsibilities include: ADR recording and editing, sound effects, sound design, music recording, sound atmosphere, audio editing, audio mixing, audio recording, dialogue recording and editing, dubbing recording and editing, performing quality control.

I also occasionally record sound on movie sets, record as a Foley artist, compose music, operate sound systems during live concerts and events and work in audio production and post-production. I also work as a musician and vocalist.

My professional goal is to further work in audio post-production in the entertainment industry.   Here is my Resume.